4 Games Remaining

Back Bay started the 2nd half of the season with a road trip to Las Vegas Irish.  It was a successful trip and Back Bay returned home after a 38-36 victory in Vegas.

With 4 games now remaining, 3 consecutive home games, we look forward to challenging for a high league position as the end of the season draws near.

Kern County will visit Newport Beach on March 22nd since the game was originally cancelled because of poor weather conditions.

North County will then visit on the 29th of March.

Our final home game is against Pasadena on April 5th.  This will be a fun weekend with some of the youth teams celebrating the end of their season and support the men's side.

Any coaches or players who are now available for B Side rugby should attend training on Thursdays to make themselves available for B side games.  This will also help prepare for the trip to Catalina, a favorite with all "old boys" rugby.

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