30th Anniversary Banquet

Back Bay will host their end of year and 30th Anniversary Banquet on 14th June 2015 at 4pm at Bonita Creek Park, 3010 La Vida, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

The event will mark a very successful 30th year for the club, with the team celebrating victory in SoCal by winning the SCRFU Division 2 SoCal title, handling the loss of a great player and friend, Ryan Lem and being aided throughout the season with the support of players, their families, friends and the Old Boys continued support.

The banquet will be $25 per person to cover the costs and will include food and drink, supplied by Grunta's BBQ Catering.

Please purchase your tickets today to help fund the event and make it a good end of season banquet.

The awards for the season will honor players and members of the club and we will dedicate our season in Ryno's memory.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the event.

A Look Back at 2015

As we finally close the doors on the 15's season for 2015, I wanted to take a few minutes of your time reflect on the last year. At the start of the year, the team was optimistic after a good season in 2014, rebuilding after our D1 years.

The summer recruitment paid off and a number of new recruits added to the squad, bringing fresh blood and some experience that was to benefit the team. Although we started the season with a rain delay, we started strong and ended by securing top spot in the division with a game to spare. This is a fantastic achievement and allowed us to secure the SoCal Championship.

Our march to nationals was haulted by Tempe when we played in the knock out stages but the following week we showed up in Santa Barbara to challenge in the California Cup and played our best match of the season. After battling back to tie at full time, the team narrowly lost by 2 points after overtime.

The team should be proud of the achievements, the success and the spirit shown throughout the year. This fantastic achievement, on our 30th year as a club, requires recognition for the following who all played part in winning the SoCal Championship:

  • Taylor Alston
  • Shaun Baker
  • Milton Bartley
  • Michael Birch
  • John Charles Bradley
  • Luis Cordero
  • Ethan Cornell
  • Kevin Estipular
  • Justin Fesili
  • Eric Frazier
  • Larz Gordon-Martin
  • Jacob Griffin
  • Ben Gunn
  • Carlos Guzman
  • Brett Hanrahan
  • Liam Harnett
  • Corentin Jardel
  • Harrison Jones
  • Carlos Jovel
  • Andy Zimmerman, the first Ryno Club winnerCristobal Kappes
  • Michael King
  • Milosh Kostich
  • Alex Lai
  • Jonathan Losch
  • Jose Marroquin
  • Nick Masaniai
  • Kuresa "Lesa" Moaliitele
  • Bryan Orta
  • Sebastian Pedreira
  • Wes Pierce
  • Ian Potgieter
  • Kevin Reid
  • Ben Reynolds
  • Kohsuke Sugimachi
  • Scott Surdyka
  • Mike Torre
  • Brandon Varkel
  • Nick Vujnovich
  • Mike Wendel
  • Travis Whitlock
  • Josh "Snapper" Williams
  • Andrew Zimmerman

Each of these players have helped lead the club towards the success for 2015 and we appreciate all of the help, competition and determination that helped get us to where we are.

Additional thanks goes to our sponsors:
  • The Harp Inn
  • Adam Guss

I would personally like to thank the players for taking the burden of paying for the season and meeting their dues obligations. Although we actively seek sponsorship it is not always possible. With success we hope to attract additional sponsorship next season and also hope to continue to grow the club with recruitment.

2015 was a year with many high points but with one noticeable loss; Ryan "Ryno" Lem passed away and leaves a huge gap in the Back Bay family. It was felt throughout the club, from players who took the field with Ryno, to new players who had only heard of him, or had met him at training. The club came together to celebrate his life and he will be forever remembered. We introduced the "Ryno Club" to issue to the Defender of the Game and will continue this into the new season. The club showed it's strength and depth in remembering Ryno and we hope to see that support in 2016.

Finally, I'd like to say thank you to the coaching staff; Chris WiRepa, Mario Pedreira and Dave Chandler have done a fantastic job in leading the team this season and we look forward to continuing our success next season.

I'm proud of everything the club has achieved and everyone involved with Back Bay Rugby Club, it's players, past and present, it's members, supporters and the whole Back Bay Family.


Bradley Davidson

Health Insurance you need

With the upcoming season looming on the horizon and preseason starting in a month, it’s time to start getting ourselves prepped and ready.  However, just by the nature of this game, there is one thing that you can’t always prep your body for- injuries.  When they do happen, it’s important to get it taken care of right away (take it from a guy who has spent the past 2 ½ years in a cast, limping or otherwise hurting).  I know medical costs can deter a lot of us from seeking out immediate medical treatment, but the importance of getting yourself checked out quickly is paramount to getting back on the field at full fighting strength.
A Hospital Indemnity Policy is an incredibly cost effective way to help reduce these costs.  This is a policy that will pay you cash for visiting a healthcare provider after getting hurt.  The monthly premium is only between $14 and $18 depending on how old you are and the payout is $250 per injury.  If you do the math, it really is a no brainer.  This is something I wish I had in place 2 years ago when I started racking up medical costs, it honestly would have been a life saver.  Click here to download a flier explaining the benefits of our HI policy.
For those of you who don’t currently have full medical, you would be crazy to play without it.  Open enrollment is starting on November 15 for 2015 and those of you that need to get your health insurance taken care of, please feel free to use me as a resource to help guide you through the process.
Cheers boys,
Taylor Alston
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